PiVOT – Transforming Organizations – release 2020

PiVOT is a groundbreaking book that guides organizations through some of the most strategically important transformational change they require to differentiate, win and achieve their aspirations. Crafting the transformation architecture, will be the most important first step of a successful transformation.


Transformation by definition requires complex system-wide change. “Transformation” has become a term to define many types of change – many of which are not transformational in scope, and typically not fully understood and nearly always undermanaged. Through the PIVOT diagnostic, transformations get sharply defined and a transformation architecture is thoughtfully constructed by the leadership of the company.

Despite decades of research, models, books and articles, change efforts continue to fail 70% of the time. M&A integration efforts fail 70-90% of the time. Culture dynamics continue to eat strategy for breakfast. Hundreds of millions continue to be spent on efforts to transform, with unacceptable ROIs.


PiVOT brings three decades of successful leadership of organizational transformations – from award winning large scale global transformations, to mid-cap and small private companies. In this groundbreaking book, transformation thought leader John Nelson shows how organizations can achieve their aspirations, differentiate and win in increasingly competitive landscapes, and build enterprise leadership to drive and sustain transformational change.

PiVOT Book Cover