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We are on a mission to bridge the gap between the transaction event and the integration transformation. At BT&L Partners, we help clients build M&A muscle, capabilities and scalability for future success. Our focus is on solving for those disruptive surprises and organizational challenges that continue to drive unacceptable failure rates. Start capturing full deal value, on a more consistent basis, through our world-class transformation assessments, practices, playbooks and technology…we call it Intelligent M&A.

John Nelson Interview on PiVOT, Transforming Organizations

John Nelson, President and founder of CEO Interview on Organization Transformation, his new book PIVOT, and points of view on the best way for organizations to change.

PiVOT Book Cover

PiVOT – Transforming Organizations – release 2021

PiVOT is a groundbreaking book that guides organizations through some of the most strategically important transformational change they require to differentiate, win and achieve their aspirations.

Engage Early to get it right – Architecting a transformation may be the most critical decision and step you’ll take.