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EVOLUTION: We bring business transformation leadership to Mergers and Acquisitions

Beat the 70-90% M&A Failure Rate


The world of M&A has continued to explode as a critical strategy to growth.  Despite trillions of dollars in investment deals annually, and billions in consulting spend, the rate of success is still at unacceptable levels.  Some of the top contributors to these breakdowns include on or more of these reasons:

  • Inadequate due diligence
  • Fragmented leadership and ownership
  • A false sense of security
  • Limited understanding of cultural differences
  • Misunderstanding of value
  • Incomplete approach to integration
  • Maturity of M&A capabilities and scalability


Businesses need a new framework (involving playbooks, processes, people, information, and technology) to effectively define value and proactively manage the complexities and risks before Day One – so they can plan a successful path to integration.


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The business of innovating, creating, and building the new way of doing Intelligent M&A


We are on a mission to bridge the gap between the transaction event and the integration transformation. At BT&L Partners, we help clients build M&A muscle, capabilities and scalability for future success. Our focus is on solving for those disruptive surprises and organizational challenges that continue to drive unacceptable failure rates. Start capturing full deal value, on a more consistent basis, through our world-class transformation assessments, practices, playbooks and technology…we call it Intelligent M&A.

Mergers & Acquisitions



Decades of experience and success in business transformation and leadership has led us to the development of the Transformation Triumvirate and upcoming book, PiVOT, Transforming Organizations.


Our systems view and approach has proven results in extremely complex and global companies, to growing mid-cap businesses. We are applying our transformation know how to innovate how Mergers & Acquisition are managed, executed and delivered on.

Intelligent M&A Profiler


Whether it is the development of a leader, or building a roadmap to transform an organization, we lead with the proven principle, “Know Thy Self”. The strongest leaders and highest performing organizations are highly self-aware and intentional about their development and improvement.  Our Intelligent M&A Profiler is like a leadership assessment (360 feedback, style/behavioral assessment) for organizations.


Intelligent M&A is about bringing two or more organizations together in an effective, productive and value creating fashion.  Understanding the relative similarities, differences and uniqueness defines a successful integration approach and path to success.  We have built the Intelligent M&A Profiler to evaluate readiness and the process for successful M&A due diligence, deal structure, integration roadmap and full deal value capture.

Intelligent M&A Profiler

Enterprise M&A – Efficient and scaleable end-to-end cloud platform


Efficiency and speed is a key success factor for every step of the M&A process. We provide an Enterprise M&A cloud platform to scale and accelerate the entire end-to-end process from Target Sourcing to Integration Transformation. One source for data, collaboration, tracking and reporting.

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