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Intelligent M&A by BTL – powered by Devensoft

An Enterprise M&A cloud platform to scale and accelerate the entire end-to-end process from Target Sourcing to Integration Transformation.

70-90% of mergers and acquisition fail to capture their full expected value.  It’s time to build M&A practices that are efficient, scalable and repeatable.


M&A and Integration Management Offices need to build the muscle, use proven playbooks and manage work streams in an efficient way…so they can focus on the important work of “Intelligent M&A”.  Whether it is managing the targets and deal flow, conducting due diligence, managing the transaction, or executing a successful integration, you’ll accelerate  your success with Intelligent M&A, powered by Devensoft.


devensoft-btl-webBTL, in an exclusive partnership with Devensoft’s M&A Software Platform will help you overcome the odds!


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Track Deals From Identification To Integration


Your M&A pipeline can be a strategic engine for growth, as long as it is managed well. Our M&A Software platform seamlessly integrates with your entire deal process from pipeline to integration to help you manage all stages of your deals and ultimately produce returns.

Organize Teams Around Milestones + Outcomes


M&A is a team sport from start to finish. On the front end, it is important to bring together teams from across the organization to help evaluate potential targets. Once the deal closes, it is important to ensure everyone is working together closely toward common goals.


Instantly Access Dynamic Progress Reports


While weekly status reports sound like the right place to start, executives and businesses do not operate best with such limited data. Devensoft makes it easy for executives to assess progress in real-time. Reports are automatically updated and you can filter with a simple click of a button.

Build Your M&A Muscle With Customizable Playbooks


It’s true no two deals are alike. Having a playbook can give your teams the confidence they need to move quickly. Whether you are using one of Devensoft’s preloaded playbooks or one that your company has successfully used in the past, you can customize it for your specific needs.


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